Born Boorish

So no one’s ever going to mistake Senator-elect Jim Webb for a Virginia gentleman.

The Washington Post has been reporting on the tackiest behavior at the White House since President Bill Clinton spent time in the Oval Office, not alone.

Last month, at an East Wing reception for newly elected Members of Congress, Mr. Webb first refused to stand in the presidential receiving line.

President Bush later sought out his guest, and asked, “How’s your boy?”, referring to Mr. Webb’s son, a Marine volunteer currently serving in Iraq, according to the Post.

“I’d like to get them out of Iraq, Mr. President,” the Senator-elect retorted.

“That’s not what I asked you,” the President responded. “How’s your boy?”

“That’s between me and my boy, Mr. President,” Mr. Webb told his host.


For anyone whose mind is less subtle than Mr. Webb’s, the distinguished boor further clarified his feelings. According to an anonymous source in The Hill, Mr. Webb confessed that he was tempted to slug his host, but didn’t.

Pacifism at its finest.

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5 thoughts on “Born Boorish

  1. Just to be accurate, it wasn’t Webb who told The Hill that he felt like hitting Bush, but someone repeating a conversation with Webb. He hasn’t denied being angry about the exchange, though. I have a Marine niece who’s been in Iraq twice. Have you had any family there? You know what you do when a loved one’s in a war zone, especially in a front line combat unit? You wake up every morning thinking about your loved one. Every news story about things blowing up in Anbar province or wherever your loved one is causes a sense of dread. You have an ear cocked for Iraq news all day long, and you can’t help but dip into the news about Iraq on the internet during the day. You wait for your loved one to call or e-mail you to say he/she is okay, and you hope he/she doesn’t tell you that a friend was lost or injured. THAT’s what it’s like.

    Bush wouldn’t have a clue because he’s never been to a war and he just sends other people’s kids. What’s he know or care? If he were truly concerned he would have picked up on Webb’s first statement and said something supportive, but of course it was all about him and his ego, so he was annoyed and demanded Webb answer the question. Obnoxious.

  2. So after being accused by the Republicans of writing child pornography, after voters were told by George W. Bush that if they voted in Democrats terrorists win, Deomcrat Jim Webb is supposed to kiss the President’s ring?

    We would respectfully beg to differ, madam.

  3. Keep in mind: The Senator Elect has a son in a war zone.

    Let me emphasize this again: The Senator Elect, Jim Webb has a son in a war zone.

    How do you think he’s doing?

    Let’s run through the exchange–

    GW: “How’s your boy?” (i.e. I want to show you that I have genuine concern for you).

    Jim Webb: “We need to get them out of Iraq” (i.e. this is not just about my son, it is about all of our soldiers–I am deeply concerned about them).

    George W.: “That’s not what I asked”
    (i.e. I don’t like that answer, so I’m going to pull rank on you)
    George W: “How’s your son?”

    Jim Webb: “That’s between me and my son”. (i.e. Just as I expected, this guy really doesn’t give a Sh-t. Well f-ck him. People are getting killed and he just doesn’t f-cking get it.)

    Think about this for a moment. Really think about this.

    People are up in arms because the president’s feelings may have been hurt.

    The Senator Elect has a lot more at stake than “feelings”. Put yourself in his shoes for a moment.

    Given the circumstances I think the Senator Elect showed tremendous self-restraint.

  4. You’re kidding, right? You seriously think Bush’s behavior was fine? Our Asshole in Chief sought Jim Webb out and provoked a personal confrontation by asking Webb a deeply personal question….and through the entire exchange, Bush didn’t even have the decency to state that he also hopes our troops come home safely. Shame on you for defending such a pathetic excuse for US President.

  5. It’s commonly accepted in society that a person may decline answering a question they don’t wish to answer. Or they may deflect it by not directly answering it. The other party is then supposed to be sophisticated enough to know how to handle a rebuff. Only the most arrogant boor rejects the respondant’s method of answering and insists the respondant answer to the questioner’s satisfaction. Bush is a jerk.

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