“Bad Luck, Duch”

Britain’s Prince Charles took his first trip to Pakistan this week, during which he said that the world’s problems could be solved by following the teachings of Islam, according to an article in the PakTribune.

The Prince of Wales, who presumably will succeed his mother as Head of the Church of England and Defender of the Faith, was accompanied by the Duchess of Cornwall, who assumed that title upon marrying the Prince after a decades-long adulterous relationship with him, which contributed to the demise of her marriage to Andrew Parker-Bowles and the Prince’s marriage to Diana, Princess of Wales.

The Duchess later caused a panic by inadvertently flashing her 59-year-old ankle during a visit to a mosque, where the royal couple were led on a tour by preacher Maulana Adbul Khabir Azad, whose father had been threatened with imprisonment fifteen years earlier in response to a visit to the same mosque by the Princess of Wales, who wore a dress that revealed her knees.

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