Recent Television

This past Sunday, David Kuo, author of Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction, appeared on 60 Minutes. Mr. Kuo claims that some members of the Bush administration dismissed evangelical conservatives as “nuts” and “goofy”. Christians/conservatives have reacted quickly with characteristic condemnation–of Mr. Kuo–calling him “An Addition to the Axis of Evil” and accusing him of “a cynical attempt … to line his pockets with 30 pieces of silver”.

Later that evening, on Desperate Housewives, a biscuit-bearing Bree (van de Kamp) Hodge broke the news to neighbor Vera Keck that Vera’s hubby Howard had been cheating–with Bree’s son Andrew. Vera then blasted Bree for “painting so vivid, so indelible, a picture of my husband’s activities” about which she “didn’t care to know”.

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