As readers of this blog, and my other writings, know, I often criticize ostensibly anti-terrorist public policies that are mindless, ignoble, invasive, unConstitutional, and just plain stupid. I intend to continue to do so.

Since I criticize when warranted, I should commend when warranted. This is one of those times.

As everyone reading this should know, British intelligence personnel are believed to have foiled an imminent terrorist plot to blow up circa ten civilian airplanes over the Atlantic Ocean in a kind of depraved fireworks display.

To the heroic public servants whose skill and sacrifice thwarted this mass hate crime, I want to say:


The protection of citizens from evil-doers remains the primary duty of civil government.

You fulfilled your duty. You saved lives. You frustrated the designs of evil and ignobility with wisdom and courage.

The world is a safer place, and a better one, because of you.


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1 thought on “THANK YOU!

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