And they call Christians judgmental.

According to United Press International, a Virginia family has been coerced into allowing 20 new trees to be planted on their property to replace 12 that their developer chopped down.

Parents Karen and Joe Bartling had resisted the mandate on the grounds that the trees and their ropes, stakes, and wires would be hazardous to the four blind children, aged five- to 11-years-old, whom they’ve adopted.

After the Washington Post reported on their plight, the blogosphere erupted in condemnation–of the Bartlings.

Consider Jess’s take:
Stupid rich pieces of snail feces. $2.2 million home in Oakton? You let how many trees get cut down illegally? EFFING EFF YOU, YOU EFFING STUPID EFFING EFFERS. Eeefffffffffffffffffffffff!!!!!!

Eco Hvtke responds:

I had to stop to go barf when i got to the part where the mom said she didnt want her kids getting black eyes from trees all day. boo hoo.. the poor stuck up rich people have to have their home surrounded by trees.. let’s have a moment of silence for them.

Then there’s last girl standing:

these f—–g idiot breeders fear for their kids’ safety. they did a noble thing and adopted some kids with disabilities, including blindness, but now they’re using that as some weird entitlement card, claiming that 20 trees on their property will injure their children, that they’re nothing but booby traps that their kids will run into all day long. what the F–K? a direct quote: “For our family, trees don’t work”. what the F–K? oh, but they’re planning to put in a “swimming pool… swing set, trampoline and barbecue”, because apparently their kids won’t run into those little perks, but they can’t manage to find room for a measly 20 trees, on a 1.6 acre property?! hey douche bags, you managed to cut down a small forest for your little mcmansion, so why not replenish a bit, huh? it’s great that you don’t think trees work for your family, but does your family like air? like breathing? if it does, you might wanna consider planting the f——g trees, giving back to the environment your kids will be inheriting, and quit whining and playing the victim card. i hope the county stays firm. i mean, using disabilities to get your way like that is so despicable. “Can you imagine paying that much money for a house and having someone telling you what you should do on your property?” yeah, moron, i can. it’s called zoning laws and homeowner’s regulations. if you’re in the suburbs, get f—–g used to them. they keep your neighbors from adorning their lawns with rusting cars on blocks or turning the charming woodland into decimated, astro-turfed lots. ugh, i have zero sympathy. i have less than zero sympathy. these are not people who deserve any sympathy, and they should be ashamed that they’re grabbing for it.

This is what some environmentalists will say about people who adopted four blind children.

This arrogant, intemperate judgmentalism highlights one reason why the central planning of people’s lives–down to the number of trees on their property–can’t work.

The couple who adopted the children are much more committed to their well-being and have better knowledge of how to enhance it than emotionally overcharged strangers who can’t or won’t present cogent arguments, or even clean ones, to support their blanket policy dropped from on high to smother family freedom.

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