War on Reality

Seeming to think he knows something Jesus doesn’t, 2004 vice presidential candidate, 2008 presidential possible, John Edwards proffered a goal of eliminating poverty within three decades in a “major address” today at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

“It’s wrong,” Sen. Edwards insists, “to have 37 million Americans living in poverty, separated from the opportunities of this country by their income, their housing, their access to education and jobs and health care–just as it was wrong that we once lived in a country legally separated by race.”

In 2000 years, the smug judgmentalism of those who point to the poor as they pilfer from the purses of others hasn’t changed.

Sen. Edwards trots out one of the entitlement lobby’s favorite poster girls: “A single mom with two kids who works full-time for the minimum wage is about $2,700 below the poverty line.”

The former Senator admitted that his plan to rescue her would cost Americans nearly $20 billion. It includes a panoply of paternalistic programming, including raising the minimum wage, passing out housing subsidies, and creating make-work jobs.

Has it occured to him, or anybody, that a long-term, visionary solution to the plight of single mothers would require eliminating–not expanding–the plunder-funded give-aways that affirm unwed motherhood?

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