The Rebate That Wasn’t

Are people finally fed up with the absurdities of the transfer society?

Well, probably not.

But the recent brouhaha over a proposed $100 rebate to off-set record gasoline prices is encouraging.

In a political twist on The Parent Trap, Democrats floated the idea of giving consumers a temporary break from the 18.4 cents/gallon federal gas tax, but Republicans balked at the idea, fearing that Big Oil Companies–that collective bogeyman who dares make money for stockholders by providing a valued product–wouldn’t “pass the savings along to consumers”.

So Republicans opted to out-welfare the welfare party and profferred the $100 rebate.

Except, it wasn’t really a rebate–because it would have been doled out to everybody, regardless of whether he even owned a car, much less spent $100 in gas taxes to fuel the feds’ never-ending spending spree.

It was just another give-away–and tax-payers saw it as a blatant bribe for votes.

But what’s a party to do? How are Republicans going to win November’s elections without buying votes? Hmm. How about by returning to Republican principles–like limited government and economic freedom?

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2 thoughts on “The Rebate That Wasn’t

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