Retire Retirement

According to a front-page story in today’s New York Times, more and more companies are cutting back on retirement benefits. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. As I pointed out in Social Security’s Moral Crisis, a decades-long life of leisure is morally damaging:In post-Christian America, the hope of retirement often replaces the hope of heaven. This encouragement of decades-long temporal rest is morally hazardous. Hard work refines people by requiring discipline; work keeps people active, sharpens their minds, and provides fulfillment. To discourage it is to rob society of its character-building power. Most people are healthy enough to work long after the so-called retirement age. They should be encouraged to do so. It’s time to retire retirement.

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1 thought on “Retire Retirement

  1. I agree. I find it interesting that in America today we view leisure as the goal in life, as if that is what will make us happy. Yet the happiest people I have ever seen are those who have a job that they love (which is a rare person in today’s society indeed). And of those people I know who do gain this life of leisure often grow bored.

    I think the goal of people should be to find work that they love rather than find work that will enable them to retire a few years earlier with a few more toys to play with.

    Kevin Fletcher

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