Postage Increase

Like most Americans, I receive a lot of spam. Most of these messages come with subject lines designed to be intriguing while disguising their real content.

This morning I discovered just such a message. It came from everyone’s least-favorite government-controlled monopoly: the U.S. Postal Service. The subject line is: A Special Courtesy Message From The Postal Store. This was more than intriguing; it was shocking. The postal service considers courtesy to be an advertising hook?

Unable to resist my curiosity, I opened the message–only to learn that the post office is raising the postage rates, effective tomorrow. To supplement my stockpile of 37-cent Ronald Reagan stamps, I now must purchase 2-cent Navajo jewelry stamps–by tomorrow. What an image that combination will create on my bills!

It would have been courteous if this message had come a little earlier, say in time for me to acquire some of these turquoise charmers, but the post office doesn’t care if I have to mail my bills late. After all, its sponsor, the U.S. government, gets paid when it plunders my paycheck before I even see it. And that’s the problem with powerful monopolies. They just do what they want–in total disregard for those who pay them.

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